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eCommerce, Online Stores


Are you looking to add an Online Store to your website?  One that you can easily manage yourself, with the same easy-to-use features that Merlin provided for the rest of your website?


Or do you need to accept Online Donations for your charitable organization?


Merlin Siteworks can work with you to design a solution to address your needs and keep things simple for you, with the same easy-to-use interfaces as the rest of your CMS-based website.


To keep things simple for our customers, we often use PayPal for payment transaction processing. This enables your customers to pay online with their credit card or PayPal account, with the security of the most popular payment processing platform, at a low start-up fee for small organizations.


Let Merlin Siteworks put your website to work for you!


Sample screenshots (click to enlarge):


Sample Online Catalog for your visitors

Sample Product View

Entering Your Product Info

Entering Product Size & Pricing

Sample Donation Form

Sample Shop Online and Donate Online logos

Newsletter & Email Subscriptions

Your website should be an integrated part of your overall online communications strategy.  


Merlin Siteworks will work with you to achieve this and provide a consistent and effective communications package.  We can help you get started with leading services such as Constant Contact or Vertical Response, or can work with your existing service if you have one. 


We can partner with you to create email and newsletter templates that provide consistent branding (colors, fonts, graphics, etc.) with your new website, and can also include website pointers/links to enable new customers to sign-up for your communications.


And to take it a step further:  We can design your website such that your newsletters are automagically posted to your website and are available to your visitors, simply by including a special email address in your mailings.  Can’t be more simple than that!


Integrated Newsletters, Customer Emails, and Website Communications:  
Just another Merlin Siteworks valuable feature


Sample email newsletter and a newsletter webpage, with automatic posting (click to enlarge):


Community Forums

One feature that is growing in popularity in newer websites is a Community Forum, where someone can post a topic and others can engage in discussion and comment.


A typical use for this is for internal enterprise use (e.g. an employees forum on a company website, or a teachers forum within a school’s website) where the forum is visible only to authorized users.  Other websites may choose to add a forum for website visitors to use openly.


Whatever your need, Merlin Siteworks can work with you to add an easy-to-use Community Forum to your website.



Example Forum Listing (click to enlarge)