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Service Hours Tracking System

Merlin Siteworks has created an innovative Online Service Hours Tracking System for schools and other groups that need to manage volunteer service hours programs.


This online database-driven system provides Users a way to sign up to work shifts and have online access to their up-to-date status and hours reports, with automatic email reminders of upcoming shifts. It provides Event Chairpersons the ability to define shifts, tasks, and workers needed, print schedules and sign-in sheets, and validate all hours worked. It provides Administrative Staff with a wealth of reports with sorting/filtering options, as well as a rich set of features for user support and other admin functions.


In the initial deployment in a high school website, the system has been heavily used with 224 users creating accounts and having signed up for over 5,500 hours of service, in just the first four months.


Read more detailed information about our Online Service Hours System, view screenshots and test drive a live demo.

Custom Site Just for You


No cookie-cutter websites here.  Every site Merlin Siteworks delivers is designed and coded to meet your unique website marketing goals and requirements.


We start by listening to your goals and ideas for your website, then offer our own ideas for your consideration, yielding a collaborative result that can exceed your expectations.


Merlin has a wealth of experience, coding and database expertise, and a toolbox of assets that can be leveraged, in addition to leading 3rd party plugins, to deliver your custom website at an exceptional value and in a very timely manner.


And we build in fast performance so your visitors have a responsive experience on your site. 


Our customers have told us they really appreciate our approach, our listening, our value, and are ultimately delighted in the final product.  We love hearing that!  


Let’s talk about your next project and how Merlin Siteworks can come through for you!


Content Management System (Easy website updates for you)

Merlin websites are built on a Content Management System, meaning that you will be able to easily update your own website going forward and can keep your content fresh, without needing special HTML or website coding skills.


We recommend WordPress, the world’s leading CMS.  We have experience with several CMS and have concluded that WordPress offers the best solution for our customers, with its best-in-class ease of use, combined with its growing power and support as a top-flight CMS.  Our customers have been delighted with their new Merlin websites built upon the WordPress foundation.


An example of the Visual Editor, making editing your content a breeze (click to enlarge)


With your new CMS-based website, you can update your website content with no special tools or coding skills required.  You log into your website with a standard browser, see the list of pages and posts, and can use a visual editor to add or update content.  This includes plain text, fancy text, pictures, and videos.  


Merlin’s websites are also built with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), meaning you can use standard colors and styles in your content so that your website has a professional look and consistency across the various pages and content.


Merlin will provide you a custom website Users Guide to provide you with the guidance you need for making your website content updates.  


Finally, while customers typically choose to make their own updates to their websites going forward, Merlin also offers a content-update service if that is of value to you.  Our goal is to partner with you however is needed to get the most value from your online web presence.

News & Spotlight Stories

A Merlin website will make it easy for you to add News or Spotlight type stories that look great on your Home page or other places in your site.  You simply add the story and optional pictures or videos, and your new website will do the rest — automagically.


The result may be a series of the most recent few stories on your Home page, or a listing of the most recent News items, or a scrolling news flash, or various other forms.  We can work with you on the design that best suits your needs, then we’ll do the website programming to build in the automatic features such that your future updates will be a breeze!


With a Merlin website, you can keep your content fresh and dynamic and keep your visitors coming back frequently.  That’s a tremendous value to your business or organization, all at a very competitive initial website price from Merlin.  


Your website’s fresh and dynamic content brings Return Visitors to your site!



Online Calendar & Upcoming Events

Merlin can equip your new website with an easy-to-use Online Calendar and Upcoming Events listing, keeping your visitors always up-to-date with your latest schedules and events.  No more static website calendars and .pdf files.


You can make quick and easy calendar updates by going to a Google calendar website.  That’s all you have to do.


Your website can be designed to automatically pull data from that online calendar and present it in various ways:

  • Upcoming Events:  See a listing of the upcoming events.  Click on a given event to see an expanded description.  This list keeps your website current and fresh, with no additional work by you (once your events are added to your calendar)
  • Monthly Calendar:  View a traditional monthly calendar view.  Click on a given event to see an expanded description.

Keep your website visitors coming back and always up-to-date with this easy-to-use feature!


Samples below (click to enlarge):

Example Upcoming Events List

Example Monthly Calendar

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