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Content Management System (Easy website updates for you)

Merlin websites are built on a Content Management System, meaning that you will be able to easily update your own website going forward and can keep your content fresh, without needing special HTML or website coding skills.


We recommend WordPress, the world’s leading CMS.  We have experience with several CMS and have concluded that WordPress offers the best solution for our customers, with its best-in-class ease of use, combined with its growing power and support as a top-flight CMS.  Our customers have been delighted with their new Merlin websites built upon the WordPress foundation.


An example of the Visual Editor, making editing your content a breeze (click to enlarge)


With your new CMS-based website, you can update your website content with no special tools or coding skills required.  You log into your website with a standard browser, see the list of pages and posts, and can use a visual editor to add or update content.  This includes plain text, fancy text, pictures, and videos.  


Merlin’s websites are also built with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), meaning you can use standard colors and styles in your content so that your website has a professional look and consistency across the various pages and content.


Merlin will provide you a custom website Users Guide to provide you with the guidance you need for making your website content updates.  


Finally, while customers typically choose to make their own updates to their websites going forward, Merlin also offers a content-update service if that is of value to you.  Our goal is to partner with you however is needed to get the most value from your online web presence.