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Database-driven Pages with Easy Web Updates

Do you have data to update, store, and display on your web pages?


Merlin Siteworks can design a solution that makes data entry a breeze, through easy-to-use web pages.  And then we can manipulate and display that data throughout your website in different ways for different pages.  


Enter once, display many times and in many ways.


For example, a high school may enter sports team schedules at the start of a season, then update the results after each game.  They may then want that data displayed once as “upcoming games”, on a different page as “recent scores & results”, and on differrent team pages as “schedule & results” for each given team.  Data entered once, but displayed in many ways on many pages.


How can Merlin use our database-driven web design expertise for you?


Example Database-driven Web Pages (click to enlarge)