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New WordPress 3.3.1: Should We Upgrade?

January 13, 2012

A major new WordPress release 3.3 was released in December 2011, with a minor (but important) release 3.3.1 becoming available on January 3, 2012.  (This Merlin website you’re viewing now is built on 3.3.1 as of this writing.)


So this raises the question:  Should my site get updated to this latest and greatest release?


In short:  ”No”.


Assuming your website is working well and you’re not seeking to invest in new features and capabilities, there’s no real reason for you to upgrade to a new platform at this time.  With a major new release like 3.3, there are always things that get broken and need special attention to make sure your website continues to perform flawlessly.


However, if you are considering investing in some new website features anyway, then we would definitely encourage you to consider upgrading to the latest WordPress version at that time. 


Merlin Siteworks is here to assist you in your website needs and would be happy to help you get your CMS updated to the latest version, when the time is right for you.