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News & Spotlight Stories

A Merlin website will make it easy for you to add News or Spotlight type stories that look great on your Home page or other places in your site.  You simply add the story and optional pictures or videos, and your new website will do the rest — automagically.


The result may be a series of the most recent few stories on your Home page, or a listing of the most recent News items, or a scrolling news flash, or various other forms.  We can work with you on the design that best suits your needs, then we’ll do the website programming to build in the automatic features such that your future updates will be a breeze!


With a Merlin website, you can keep your content fresh and dynamic and keep your visitors coming back frequently.  That’s a tremendous value to your business or organization, all at a very competitive initial website price from Merlin.  


Your website’s fresh and dynamic content brings Return Visitors to your site!