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Online Calendar & Upcoming Events

Merlin can equip your new website with an easy-to-use Online Calendar and Upcoming Events listing, keeping your visitors always up-to-date with your latest schedules and events.  No more static website calendars and .pdf files.


You can make quick and easy calendar updates by going to a Google calendar website.  That’s all you have to do.


Your website can be designed to automatically pull data from that online calendar and present it in various ways:

  • Upcoming Events:  See a listing of the upcoming events.  Click on a given event to see an expanded description.  This list keeps your website current and fresh, with no additional work by you (once your events are added to your calendar)
  • Monthly Calendar:  View a traditional monthly calendar view.  Click on a given event to see an expanded description.

Keep your website visitors coming back and always up-to-date with this easy-to-use feature!


Samples below (click to enlarge):

Example Upcoming Events List

Example Monthly Calendar