Our Services

Merlin SITEWORKS provides three primary services to its clients:

  • We listen to and document who your organization is and who you want it to be;
  • We design a set of internet communication tools that fit your organization;
  • We create your website based on the design and features you approved.


Listen and Document. The time and skills invested in this critical first step have everything to do with the quality of the resulting website. We will:

  • Carefully interview you about your organization’s past, present and future;
  • Analyze your modes of communication with constituents and stakeholders;
  • Guide you in being clear and complete, and your input is paramount;
  • Review your marketing and strategic plans;
  • Use our for-profit and not-for-profit leadership experience to maximize value.

Design. Creating an effective website is a multi-step process that includes:

  • Laying out the internet communication framework;
  • Evaluating what features and tools are essential, and which are unnecessary;
  • Creating the visual look that best reflects who you are;
  • Reviewing site design elements with you and responding to your feedback.

Create. Our unique combination of experience and skill with current website development tools will deliver more value. Your new website will be:

  • Built with best-in-class technology and components;
  • Simple in structure, for cost-effectiveness over its lifetime;
  • Optimized to perform responsively for your site visitors;
  • Reliable, secure and easy for you or us to maintain going forward.


Our marketing brochure is our portfolio of past satisfied clients and their web sites. They will confirm how their sites have created exceptional value for their organizations.


Call us today to discuss your internet communication needs and our services for providing you a website that provides exceptional value. You won’t catch us trying to sell you something you don’t need.