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Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries on your website are a good way to add warmth, additional information about who you are, and fresh new content, keeping your site interesting for your visitors.


Merlin Siteworks can partner with you to design a photo gallery package that is suited to your unique needs.  


Perhaps you’d like to leverage your Flickr account for managing the photos and have your website automatically display images pulled from Flickr.  Perhaps you’d like to create photo galleries right within your website, showing thumbnails of your photos.  Perhaps you’d like to have a nice pop-up slideshow.  Etc…  There are many variations and options to choose from.


Whatever your needs, Merlin can work with you to create photo galleries that make your website pop!


View samples (click to enlarge):


Sample Page with Photo Galleries

Sample Page with a Slide Show

Sample Pop-Up Slide Show


Sample Gallery with Thumbnails

Showing the Latest from Flickr